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  • What are your views on Julia Gillard’s voice? Consider her ‘Misogyny’ speech – what is your reaction to this speech?

I agree with what is said in the youtube clip about Julia Gillard’s voice. She has a strong message within her speech but it is lost due to her lack of warmth and depth in her voice. She is described as having ‘the mouth of a bricky’ and ‘speaks the language of the people’ which may appeal to some Australian’s but I found after sitting through her 15 minute speech I was waiting for her to stop.

  • Is your reaction influenced by the content or delivery of the speech (or both)? Explain your answer.

My answer is only influenced by Julia Gillard’s delivery of the speech. The speech itself is strong with important points made within it, but unfortunately my attention was on the delivery of the speech rather than what was being said. This was because I found instead of her changing her tone at different times during the speech, she spoke in a quite monotone voice and just yelled some parts in an attempt to get her point across.

  • Would your views be influenced if Gillard sounded different (like actress Cate Blanchett, for example)?

If Julia Gillard had a voice similar to Cate Blanchett the speech would have been much more effective. This is because Cate’s voice has warmth and femininity, which makes it easier to listen to and more effective in getting points across. This means a listener can focus on the points being made rather than the voice of the person making them.


Speech and Script Intro

My name is Sophie Agius. I am studying Professional Communication and majoring in Journalism. By doing this course i hope to improve my speaking skills when performing a speech.