Final Post

Ah, my blogging days have come to an end.

I really enjoyed creating a blog and doing the blog posts required for this subject. I have never used wordpress before so it was a new experience for me. I enjoyed learning the ins and outs of this website and customising my blog to make it my own. I chose to do a more basic style of blog so that it didn’t overpower the information in my blog posts.

I appreciated having options on what to write about in the blog posts, as I was able to choose subjects that interested and appealed most to me. Within my blog posts, I was able to utilise images, links and diagrams in order to add dimension to the information I was sharing. I really think I did well in making my posts as interesting and aesthetically pleasing as possible. I didn’t like however that I was limited to what i could put in my blog posts due to not having a premium account.

I enjoyed this assignment as i got to make my own blog and personalise it. I feel that creating this blog is useful skill for the future.



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